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Why You May Need a Speeding Lawyer


If you get caught speeding a speeding lawyer can help you to defend yourself. The consequences of speeding are often quite mild, but not always. For most people getting caught speeding only results in a fine and a few points on their licence something most people can live with.

However, for some people the consequences are far more serious. For example if you drive for a living and already have points on your licence the addition of 3 more for speeding could tip you over the number of permitted points and lead to your losing your licence and your livelihood. If you find yourself in this situation you definitely need a speeding lawyer to help you to win your case and avoid these consequences.

What Can A Speeding Lawyer Do For You?

Surprisingly high levels of speeding tickets are erroneously issued. This means that in some cases a speeding lawyer can get your speeding ticket cancelled. Meaning that you do not have to pay the fine and more importantly end up with points on your licence.

If you are guilty and the evidence against you is sound a speeding lawyer cannot get you off, but they can make sure that you are fairly sentenced. This could mean instead of losing your licence for 18 months you could lose it for 6 months only or not at all.

Finding a Good Speeding Lawyer

The easiest way to find a speeding lawyer is by searching online. They occasionally advertise in car magazines and local papers, but the internet is where you will find most of them advertising. When you find a speeding lawyer website quickly check whether the speeding lawyer covers your area. Some work across the whole of the UK, but others only cover a small geographical area.

The best speeding lawyers offer you a free initial consultation and are happy to discuss your case over the phone. You need a lawyer who has had plenty of experience and who is able to represent you in court should it be necessary. The sooner you contact them the better.

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