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What Is a Speeding Lawyer?


As the title suggests a speeding lawyer specialises in dealing with fines and convictions for the offence of speeding. The idea of someone specialising in this field may seem strange, but when you consider that in the UK well over 2 million speeding tickets are issued every year you can see that there is a need for this kind of service.

Why Use a Speeding Lawyer?

If you get caught speeding the impact on your life can be quite drastic. At the very least you will be fined and have points added to your licence, but in some circumstances you can lose your licence and have your car impounded. On top of that you will find that your insurance premiums will go up, so getting caught speeding can have a significantly negative impact on your life.

A speeding lawyer understands the laws and regulations surrounding speeding inside out, so will give you the best defence possible. Their skills could save you money and a lot of stress.

Finding a Speeding Lawyer

When looking for a speeding lawyer make sure that you find one that is a true specialist and one that has plenty of experience. If you know someone who has found and used a good speeding lawyer speak to their lawyer first. The chances are if they had a good experience with that lawyer so will you. Failing that an online search is the best alternative.

The best speeding lawyers offer an initial free consultation, so you know what to expect and whether you have a viable case. Before employing a speeding lawyer make sure that you understand their charges. Some are very transparent about their fees and the best offer a fixed price. If you do not discuss their charges in detail you could end up with a bigger bill than you expect at the end of your case.

If you expect to go to court make sure that you hire someone who is qualified to represent you in court. Not doing so from the start could leave you having to employ and pay 2 people.

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