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Everything You Need To Know About Insurance


Car insurance for a young driver can be expensive. However, if you choose not to pay at all and run the risk of driving without any car insurance, it could cost you a lot more than money.

The new car insurance laws which came into force in the UK in 2011 mean stiffer penalties can be imposed on uninsured drivers such as fines, vehicle crushing and even a court appearance.

Apart from the financial implications, how could not having any young driver car insurance affect you?


If you’re involved in an accident you may suffer an injury or cause an injury to someone else. If you don’t have any young driver insurance you could face a claim against you which can cause a lot more than just financial worries.


When you have no car insurance, the last thing you want to do is write off your car in an accident. Not only will this hurt you financially but also on a day-to-day basis if you need your car for commuting to work or University.

It could take you months to save up for a new car again and even if you can get one right away, your young persons’ car insurance quotes will be sky high because of your history of driving without insurance and having an accident.


Driving without valid car insurance can be very worrying. Do you really want to be looking over your shoulder for police cars every time you’re out and about?

There’s also the worry about causing an accident. It’s an offence to drive without valid insurance and even though it may not happen, the thought of causing an accident and having a compensation claim made against you can be worrying.


Causing an accident when you’ve got no young drivers’ car insurance can lead to feelings of guilt too. How would you react if for example someone died in a crash that was your fault and their family then had to go to the courts to try and claim compensation from you because you were uninsured?

New driver insurance can be expensive depending on what company you choose. No matter how costly it is, you need to weigh up all the potential pitfalls mentioned above and think long and hard before driving without any car insurance in place.

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