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Consequences Of Using Mobile Phones While driving


There is a new generation of young drivers who have grown up used to the convenience of using mobile phones.The problem is that when some new drivers have passed their tests, they carry on using mobile phones when they’re behind the wheel.The rest of this article will look at the dangers of young drivers using mobile phones as well as the consequences of being caught.

Peer pressure

Some young drivers are easily influenced by their friends, especially if they’re the first of the group to pass their test. Technology has made us more accessible than ever before and people are used to being able to speak to or text each other as and when they want.New driver car insurance policies tend to be expensive because of peer pressure and the desire to take risks behind the wheel either through mobile phone use or excessive speed.

Mobile apps

Since the launch of smartphones, mobile apps have provided another unwelcome distraction when it comes to road safety. Playing games on your mobile phone while you’re in queuing traffic or waiting at a junction means your focus isn’t on the road. Traffic conditions can change in an instant and a cyclist may appear in front of you without you even noticing. Of course, it’s not just young drivers who are prone to this behaviour, experienced and new drivers of all ages don’t always appreciate the level of risk that mobile phone use whilst driving can bring about.

Lack of experience

New driver car insurance premiums are more expensive because of a lack of experience on the roads. Young drivers in the UK are faced with very challenging conditions every day and this lack of experience can lead to accidents.The lack of experience also extends to mobile phone use. You may think it’s safe to talk to someone and drive with one hand but anything can happen on the roads and you have to think about things how you could control your car one-handed if a child stepped out in front of you.

What happens if you get caught

The penalties for mobile phone use in the UK include on the spot fines and penalty points on your licence. If you get caught you face a £60 fine and three points on your licence. If you’re a new driver and you receive six points on your licence within the first two years of passing your test, you will have to re-sit it.If your case is considered more serious you could be looking at a fine of up to £1,000 and a complete driving ban.

Getting caught for this offence will increase your young driver car insurance premiums in the future, so you may not be able to afford to drive.

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