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How Sustainable Packaging Products Can Reduce Waste


Do you love buying clothes online? Buying clothes online isn’t a problem, the packaging in which your order arrives at your door is the problem.  After delivery, that packaging is of no use and impacts the earth’s ecosystem. Waste like cardboard and boxes, fibreboard, and all types of plastic, metal, and glass are key components of packaging waste.

For packaging of food, they use cups, lids, straws, utensils, takeout containers, and bags, which end up getting thrown away and causing pollution. Every day, approximately 82.2 million tonnes of packaging waste are generated, accounting for 28.1% of total waste generated.

Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable packaging is the new way of developing and using packaging materials. These packaging materials, such as Printed Cotton Bags instead of going to landfills, are still in use or they get naturally broken down in the environment. Plastic, which we use for packaging, takes a very long time to decompose. Many industries, like food and beverages, textiles, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Sustainable packaging is safe, beneficial, and healthy for a person and organisation throughout its lifecycle. For making such packaging, clean technologies and best practices are used.

Do you know that mushrooms can be used as a substitute for Styrofoam? When mushrooms are combined with oats, the mixture binds together to form a solid material. inch can be used for making sustainable packaging.

Some Examples Of Sustainable Packaging Are:

  • Sugarcane residue can be used for making polystyrene-like meal containers.
  • Coconut shells are also used as an alternative to hard plastic.
  • With palm leaves, disposable bowls and plates can be made.
  • Sustainable packaging called “NatureFlex” is a bio-film which is made of eucalyptus wood pulp.
  • Using cloth bags is the best alternative to plastic bags.

The benefit Of Using Sustainable Packaging Products Are

Lessons The Carbon Footprint

Using sustainable packaging uses recycled material for making of packaging, which reduces the carbon footprint of the environment.

Replacing plastic bags with printed cotton bags, for example, is a good idea because cotton is a renewable natural fiber that is as strong as plastic.

In comparison to plastic bags, cotton bags can be used multiple times and they carry more goods as well. These days, carrying a cotton bag is a fashion statement. Varieties of cotton bags are available in different shapes and sizes to match your needs.

Enhances Brand Recognition

In the year 2014, Veuve Clicquot, a famous French-based luxury champagne company, wanted to have eco-friendly packaging. And the result was “Naturally Clicquot”, a champagne range that has eco-friendly packaging. For making this packaging, they used potato starch with natural fibers, paper, and water.

It will show customers that you are a responsible organization that builds goods with a mind for nature. Which is reducing plastic in the environment as well as giving a social message.


With sustainable packaging, we can reduce waste in the environment. This type of packaging either gets broken down naturally or gets reused.

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