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Advice For Choosing Your Life Insurance Payments


Although it’s a responsible choice, the choice to purchase a life insurance policy isn’t required. Other than not wanting to think about inevitable death, many people choose not to purchase a life insurance policy because they don’t want to take on the extra payments for something they will not immediately use. Electric bills, for example, are less painful to pay every month. You use electricity every day. Life insurance policies, on the other hand, are usually only used in case of a financial emergency or the death of the policyholder.

However, most life insurance companies offer the ability to make life insurance policy payments four different ways monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annually and your life insurance agent will be more than happy to offer advice about each payment option.


Sometimes making monthly payments on your life insurance policy is the best choice, simply because you have the money right then. However, if you pay monthly, you may actually end up paying more than you would if you paid quarterly, semi-annually, or annually, because many life insurance companies offer discounts for other payment options.


Quarterly payments are sometimes the most convenient option, because they allow you to save for a few months before sending payment.


Semi-annual payments aren’t quite as large as annual payments, yet they do offer the ability to save and pay twice a year.


Making annual payments on your life insurance policy in the form of one lump sum may leave a lump in your throat, but depending on the life insurance company, you may actually save money this way.

Whether you’re considering purchasing a life insurance policy, or already have one, talk with your life insurance agent about life insurance policy payment options. While you may think one payment option is best for you, the advice your life insurance agent gives you may help you see that another payment option is actually better.

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